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dog swimming lessons

Swimming Lessons

Along with recreational swims we also offer 1:1 Swim Lessons. This is for your dog if your dog is: new to swimming, afraid of the water, or is a reactive dog.

In these lessons, one of our trained staff will get in the water with your dog. Using positive reinforcement techniques, we will guide your dog to feel safe in the water and will guide in and out of the water with ease. You are welcome to stay and watch from the deck.

Benefits of Aquatherapy

“Exercising in water has the benefit of providing both buoyancy and resistance, making it possible to strengthen and condition muscles and build endurance without placing stress on joints. Canine hydrotherapy can help treat a wide range of injuries and health conditions. The low-impact nature of hydrotherapy exercise allows for its use in patients of all ages, including geriatric patients with arthritis and muscle atrophy or wasting.” – Dr. Kern


1 ON 1

Does your dog need help getting in the water? Do you have a reactive dog or a dog new to swimming? In these 1:1 lessons, a trained member of our staff gets in the water and helps your puppy to swim! A great form of lessons and aqua therapy combined!